Our Mission

Passion for people.

Our heart’s desire is to see people be healed from emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues in their lives. We long to teach others how to navigate through dark, or merely frustrating times while learning to apply the truth of God’s Word to their situations.

An oasis.

We want to provide a place of refreshing, refilling and re-energizing for Christian leaders.  It is a place of rest and recovery (R&R), counseling and healing to pastors, church leaders, missionaries and Christian artists and their families.  The Inn@TheGate Bed and Breakfast welcomes you to come for a weekend to rejuvenate and draw closer to the Lord.

Our Vision

The Present:

With this facility we are developing our programs. We have a place where Christian Church Leaders and Pastors, Worship Leaders, Missionaries, Christian Artist , Actors, Christian Business Leaders, and their families can come and get off the Grid! A place that is quiet and off the main flow of traffic where we can provide rest and relaxation. We are working with other organizations in the area to provide recreation of all kinds, from horseback riding, camping, fishing, hiking etc. We are also working to secure a conference facilities in a beautiful mountain setting. During this time we are developing many of our programs which will transfer to our larger property when we are able to purchase it.

The Gate of Heaven, Inc.™ is a 501(c)(3) organization.

The Future:

Our primary purpose is to provide Rest and Recovery (R&R) for Pastors, their Families and other Christian Leaders, Worship Leaders, Missionaries, and Christian Artist/Actors.

When our plans for the future are completed there will be a 2500 acre Ministerial Retreat Center, with isolated Cabins, Conference Center, Video and Audio Recording Studio, a Prayer Ministry and Counseling Center, two outdoor chapels. The conference center will also house a large chapel for worship services.

There are many Church leaders thinking about or actually leaving the ministry every month in the United States due to burn out and other personal, financial, and family issues. We provide a place for them to recover, heal and recharge, with fresh fire from the Lord so they can go back fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives. ( We are establishing a sponsorship program through donations so that those pastors who can not afford it, can take advantage of the ministry we provide.)

Welcome… from our Founders, Russ & Cathe


We are Russ and Cathe Myers. Married in September 1981, we have four grown children, who have blessed us with nine grandchildren.  We moved to the beautiful mountains of Virginia in 2014, residing in Crozet.  We want to welcome you to the Gate of Heaven website.  It would be our pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you in the name of Jesus.

Board of Directors

  • President: Cathe Myers
  • Vice President: Jeremiah Myers
  • Secretary: Darlene Myers
  • Treasurer: Russ Myers
    Director: Kaj Overgaard
    Director: Pastor Bruce Wasson
  • Advisor: 'Stina Myers

Spiritual Committee

  • Randy and Deb Jones (Crozet, VA)
  • Fidel and Nellie Ramirez (Waynesboro, VA)
  • Sam and Karen Martz (Felton, DE)
  • Lee and Vera Reed (Richmond, VA)
  • Billy and Sue Atkins (Colonial Heights, VA)
  • Colin Campbell (Redding, CA)