Meet Dudley!

My name is Dudley Myers. This is my story!

I was born near Lake City, Florida about seven years ago. I don’t know what happened to my family, but I found myself walking the streets.  At about the age of three, a wonderful lady picked me up and brought me home.

Her home had other animals like myself, lost and alone.  I got to stay in her puppy condo with five other dogs. I received food and care. My life seemed to continue to be the same as usual until one day Stina came with her dog, Angel. Stina moved me in with her for a few weeks

One day, we got into the car and went on a long ride.  When we finally stopped, Stina told me we were home. I did not know what home was as I thought I had a home in Florida. It was then I met two other people who have loved on me.

I have lived with them for three years.  During that time, there have been people who have come for short visits.  For each person who has come into the home, I have been able to share the love that I have I received.  There appears to be a need for humans to feel love and accepted.  I like people to know I am here for them.

I have lots of love, kisses and comfort to give. I want our guests to know that I will always accept them as they are.

You are invited to come by for a visit of one, two, or five days.  I am here ready to help you with love.

I now have my own Facebook blog. Would love to have you join me.