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Reflect, Clean, Move Forward


Cathe Myers

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Recently I was challenged to do some clean up on my social media sites. I was getting bogged down with how to maintain contact with all of these contacts. Over the years, I have accumulated many business acquaintances. I would add them to my page thinking someday we would have a working relationship. In this season of reflection, I went through my list. I was impressed, I have over 1,000 people. Business men and women from all over the country but other countries as well. Over the years though, I have only really kept in touch with five or six of those people.

Dustpan and Broom

I am reminded of the scripture about allowing weight to hang on to you. Weight can be take many different forms for people. For me, in this time of reflection, the weight is holding on to things of the past that have nothing to do with my future. As relational as I am with people, most of those people don’t communicate with me on any level. They were important prior to the new thing I am doing. For some, I communicate with constantly, but not on those venues. This has been an eye-opening adventure. Sweet memories come back with some. However, I am releasing the things that could hold me back. Now, let me ask you: In this season of Advent, has God been asking you to let go of some “weight” that you were not aware of?

Next I will look at my present relationships. I want to make sure these relationships are relevant for moving forward. I want 2018 to look different than 2017. Scripture says to “Be still and know that I am God”. I will be looking to get silent to hear His direction. I will also be asking who is to come along for the ride!  #beokayinthesilence