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Cathe Myers

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Many days are spent with mom watching DIY programs. We have seen many of the Property Brothers and Hometown reruns. My mom has come to live with us due to her condition. This is something she enjoys and I am the one who she feels safe with. Our days stay as busy as she can handle. I do try to vary our activities. The other night I had a dream about the deconstruction of our home and what reconstruction would look like. I guess the things we focus on do end up in our dreams. As I was recalling this dream, I am reminded of the areas in my life that need deconstructing. The Sanford's would call it the transformation of the heart. I am finding little places (like a mold build up in a bathroom) pop up in my thoughts. I then have to go before the Lord to remove said "mold". I allow His blood to cleanse me. Then I move on to the next place that would need renovating. This for us as believers is called sanctification. We need to renew our minds to His word and truth. When He reveals something, it is important to allow Him to remove and bring in the new needed to support or replace what was taken out. The people they visit have tried to do some of the renovations with out really know what they are doing. For example removing part of a wall that could be holding up the house - it is called a load bearing beam. Jesus needs to be the load bearing beam for me. I can not carry this load alone if at all. He says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Psalms tells us unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain. From what I have seen even the best meaning people who have tried to fix their place have labored in vain because it still costs to repair and make ready.

So here is my question for you: Are you willing to allow the Holy Spirit to shine a light in the structures of your life that you have built? Are you willing to allow Him if necessary to take you down to the foundation if there is damage? This is not an easy process and even though TV has made it seem quick, we all know this is a journey. A life long journey. The Gate of Heaven, Inc exists to help you on your journey to healing and a good foundation with a building fit for Him.