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Words Can Always Hurt Me: How to Protect Yourself from Being Wounded by Someone's Careless Words  

Six ways you can protect yourself


Cathe Myers

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Words. Power packed with life or death. An old adage we have heard is “stick and stones may break my bones, but words will not hurt me.” Children often recite this to tell those verbally attacking them; this has no power over them. But does it really stop the thoughts or the impression left? Do the words play over and over like a broken record? Does the replay sound more real than the truth? Hurting powerful words create within us an uncertainty about our identity. We begin to question the identity of who we are and our purpose. Is hurting physically really any worse then hurting emotionally? Both bring a trauma to the soul.

Words. Once out in the atmosphere and in our hearts, it is there. In our world today many people are using their words for both good and destruction. Kindness is a word being promoted over the last few months. The Old English word ‘kyndnes’ means ‘nation’ or ‘produce or increase’. It also means noble deeds or courtesy. (McMillan Dictionary Blog) I find it interesting this word encompasses a large area – nation. It also promotes an increase of well being to a person.

Words. In our society today how are the words being promoted through the sources impacting you being used? How are you dealing with the bombardment of words? Are you being traumatized by the words? Do you think about the words being used to influence your feelings and thoughts? Do these thoughts and feelings align with a childhood wound? Where are you allowing the words to land in your soul? What identity are you allowing them to have in your life?

I am not a professional of any kind. I do, however, recognize in this pandemic many damaging words have come to the surface.

How can you protect your heart and soul from further wounding?

  1. Know what you believe to be really true about yourself.
  2. Analyze the words you hear.
  3. Determine to not react or respond for a period of time.
  4. Evaluate your own heart during this time.
  5. Ask questions, like am I being lifted up or torn down?
  6. Am I following the “Golden Rule” when it comes to others?

No one should have power over you with words. Place a guard over your heart to protect you. Kindness can go a long way even to reach a nation.