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Healing Hearts

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Cathe Myers

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Over the last several months we have been engaged with bringing God's love to people of all walks of life. We will begin another Elijah House Prayer Ministry training next month. Our passion is to bring healing to the wounds of the heart. Daily we must choose what we will allow to affect us. What do we hang on to and what we let go? Over the years, the Word of God has been faithful to keep me anchored in truth regardless of how I feel or what my emotions are saying to me. Like so many of us, I engage in pity parties, hurt feelings and unwanted thoughts. I have learned to make the parties short or not engage, release my hurt feelings by journaling and covering them in the Lord's blood (that He purchased for me on the cross) and take every thought captive that would exalt itself against the knowledge of Christ. It takes work! It can be hard at first but daily I am putting this into practice! Let me encourage you to do the same. Find one scripture and meditate upon it everyday until it becomes a part of you. It is more than memorizing (though this is how it starts). It will bring life to your heart! Blessings.