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What taste do you leave in others' mouths?


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*"What taste do you leave in others' mouths?"*

There was an old man who was admitted in a hospital. A young man visited him every day, and sat with him for more than one hour. He helped him to eat his food and take his shower. Then he took him walking in the garden of the hospital. He would bring him back to his room and help him to lie down. He went away after reassuring himself that the old man was doing well.

One day the nurse entered his room to give him medicine and inspect his condition. She said to him: "May the Lord be always gracious to your kind and caring son. Every day he visits you and shows great care." The old man looked at her and closed his eyes and said to her: "I wished it was one of my children. This is an orphan from the neighborhood where we live. I met him one day in the past crying at the door of a Church after his father died.

I comforted him and bought candy for him. I neither saw him nor talked to him for a very long time. When he grew up and came to discover where my wife and I were living, he started visiting us every day to inspect our conditions. When I later fell sick, he took my old wife to his home. He now comes to the hospital to see to my treatment everyday. One day I asked him: "My son why do you have to deal with us and care about us?" He simply smiled and then said: "The taste of the candy is still in my mouth."

*Moral:* Plant well. If you do, God will not forget the beautiful deed wherever you have planted it. A beautiful deed will only be harvested by those who planted it, no matter how long it takes. Those who plant hate and discord will reap their sweat. May God help us to care for others in whatever position we find ourselves.

Written by: Evangelist Philippe Ndagijimana