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Recipe for the Holidays

Goodness comes from a heart of peace


Cathe Myers

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The holidays are upon us. I think they snuck up. Our home is going to be filled with the smells of turkey, dressing and all the food an "army" can eat. We will have family and friends over for a few of the days next week. We will plan on what Christmas will look like. This post is about my recipe for peace in our home as well as making sure everyone has a good time. We have a large family. The first thing we did was decide who was cooking what for the holiday. I no longer feel I have to do it all. So, our part is turkey, chicken and stuffing. (Though I do have some extra treats for the grandchildren!) Setting a time for everyone to come. Working on that, but each person comes from about 2 hours out. Will have time to do our morning devotions as well as pull out the turkey (we cook during the night so the oven can be available, the it all goes back in to warm). Table arrangements. We have decided to have a banquet table to serve from. I will be getting an extra table to put in the living room with extra chairs.

Start your day with prayer or meditation or quiet. Savor the peace that comes before the festivies take off. Second, be okay with what ever happens. By this I mean, you did your part so allow others to do theirs. If something is missed, let it be okay, you probably did not need it anyway. In our home we will have 12 children ranging from 16 to 3. We have house rules. We have toys and games. We have a large yard and a basketball court.

During dinner all phones are put away. We talk about what we are thankful for: God, family, and friends.

We clean up together - the ladies take this time to catch up while the guys watch the children. Sorry no football at this time.

All of this "order" helps us remain in a spirit of love, joy and peace. The secret to the recipe? That is easy, our relationship with the Lord. His love flowing through us to those around us.

This holiday season look for the good in all things and people. Let love, joy peace and hope guide you through the rest of the year!

Blessings from the Myers Clan