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Open Your Eyes, You are Not Alone

by Philippe Ndagijimana


Cathe Myers

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MY LORD I was going so fast. I don't know how you chased me down. I was growing tired. You knew I'd finally hit the ground. You said, "Open your eyes." I said, "I'm scared of what I might see." But you promised that in you I would find strength, and you opened your hand to me. You asked why I was running When I barely knew how to crawl. And why had I been acting so big When inside I felt so small. I didn't know what to say. I didn't feel worthy to speak. I was so ashamed To admit I had been so weak.

You said, "I know what's in your heart, And it's not the life you've been living. Why must you always take when you have so much to be giving? You know I watch you try time and time again, And just when I think you've found me, The devil finds his way in. So I've shown myself today, And you've seen what I can do, But I can also keep up if you make me run with you. If you decide you'd rather walk, I'll stand by your side still. I can show you a better way, And walk with you I will. You are not alone, though you feel you may be. Others may have given up on you, But you should know you still have me."

I said, "I fear no one can help me, And that's how I truly feel." You asked, "Well then if I, the Lord, can't save you, Then tell me who will?" I said, "I don't have the answers, as I never have before."

I heard, "Open your heart to me, And you will have so much more. Yes, I know you're broken, But once you were whole. Inside you may feel empty, But I have all the things to fill your soul."

Out of nowhere you were gone, but I knew I'd be alright. Through the darkness I was used to, I saw a ray of light. I dusted myself off, my heart somewhat a little lighter, The sky a bit bluer, the sun a bit brighter. Somewhere I heard a voice, and it said, "You are now free, But remember, it's not what I will do for you, So much as what you will do for me!"

Written by Philippe Ndagijimana, Missionary Evangelist Volunteer, in Kenya

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