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Throwing off

Cast Away the old


Cathe Myers

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Throwing Mark 10, we read about a blind man who heard Jesus was passing close to him. When Jesus heard the man shouting, Jesus told him to come. The blind man had a decision to make..stay or throw off the very thing he identified his condition with: his cloak. I have spoken on this subject before, but today as I was reading, it occurred to me - some self-reflection might be needed. We are nearing the end of the Lenten season. Many things are vying for my attention. I am embarking upon a new adventure personally and spiritually. The ministry is in transition. It is a "scary" time for many. I am identifying my "cloak" - the old "substance" that would keep me from moving forward. I, like the blind man, have decided (to as I near the end of this season) to throw off, cast away those things that would "easily beset me" (Hebrews 12:1). What about you? Are you willing to let go of some old habits, thoughts, judgments to present yourself to the Lord?